Myths about Multiparking Systems and why they are not True

As the global population continues to grow and urbanize, it is essential to implement a well-planned and automation-driven parking solution that is also user-friendly and cost-effective.

A multilevel car parking system is a long-term solution available to counter this grave issue as the number of vehicles is bound to increase in the coming years. Multilevel car parking systems are designed with the utmost care and reliable technology that makes them a sound parking solution. However, people still hesitate to opt for them. 

Multiparking systems are being installed all over the world given the benefits that they have when compared to regular parking systems. It is much anticipated that they’re the future of parking systems and yet they’re not very commonly found in some places. The reason for this is the myths regarding multiparking systems. There are several major misunderstandings about multiparking systems that people have, due to which they’re a bit skeptical about installing them. Truth be told, it is very logical and necessary for these systems to be made use of for better utilization of vertical space to cater to the rapidly increasing number of vehicles.

Let’s see what the myths are:

  1. Myth: Multiparking systems are not safe.

Reality: People often believe that multiparking systems might cause damage to their vehicles or the parker. On the contrary, these systems are safe to park and operate as compared to traditional parking spaces, where there are high chances of cars getting damaged accidentally or purposefully. Any potential chances of theft or damages are also very less as the multiparking systems have security doors. 

  1. Myth: Multiparking systems are often unreliable.

Reality: Multiparking systems are built with the use of optimum technology. There are many sensors, mechanical and electrical components that make the system reliable provided the car is parked properly according to standard dos and don’ts. Once the system is installed, with regular maintenance there are usually no issues with the system.

  1. Myth: Multiparking systems cost a lot to install and maintain. 

Reality: Multiparking systems do come with a significant cost but they also come in various options. There is a wide range of parking systems and manufacturing companies in the market and it can vary how much a specific system or project will cost, these types of systems tend to be more economic. Even though the initial cost may seem a bit higher, their reliability and high uptime pay off in the longer run.

  1. Myth: Multiparking systems face a lot of downtime and need frequent maintenance.

Reality: There are a few misconceptions that even after the installations are done, there is a regular requirement for maintenance which costs as much as the installations over time. But this is not at all the case. Maintenance is necessary but it is in fact inexpensive and does not have to be done in between small timeframes if the systems are used as instructed. If the systems are handled responsibly, irregularities or downtime are very rarely observed.

KLAUS Multiparking is trying its best to bust these myths about multiparking systems and at the same time, it is also trying to create awareness about the reliable design and functioning of these systems through various media. It is time people understand that this is the future of the parking systems and it is only rational to install them for better usage of space. 

KLAUS Multiparking is leading the way in designing and manufacturing world-class parking solutions with its advanced German technology and flawless engineering. We offer a wide range of multiparking solutions that suit varied requirements. KLAUS Multiparking also offers WoW – a workshop that reaches your doorstep for maintenance. KLAUS Multiparking has been active in India for many years and has been helping to combat parking problems all over the country with its efficient, reliable, user-friendly, and economic parking systems.

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Important Dos and Don’ts while Using Multiparking Systems

Multiparking systems employ a technology that enables parking multiple cars in an area lesser than that required by conventional parking spaces. This allows more space to be spared for design, development, and community enhancements. With multiparking systems, Architects and Developers are able to incorporate more green space, retail, residential or commercial space in already allocated area.A multiparking system can be Dependant Stack, Semi-automatic, or Fully-automatic. 

Dependant Stack parking system provides parking spaces which can be accessed with a key switch on the operator box mounted in front of a system. End user has to hold a key till the operational cycle gets completed. Platforms are moved vertically.

Semi-automatic systems provide parking space which can be accessed with a single command. Sensors may or may not be a part of system. The car needs to be driven on a pallet by end user. The vehicles are parked on platforms. The platforms of the lower and or upper floor are moved vertically, the platforms on the ground floor are moved horizontally. 

Fully-automatic systems provide parking space with no human assistance other than entering the car data at parking room. It is a pallet-based system where car is stored on the strong metal pallet and parked inside the storage system.  

Multiparking systems are a technically sound option, offering advanced techniques to park and retrieve a car from the parking facility.Multiparking systems from KLAUS Multiparking offer a much more appealing alternative to the traditional parking paradigms for end users. With our reliable, easy-to-use, economic, and efficient parking systems, parking no longer has to be an issue for property owners in urban and suburban areas. KLAUS multiparking systems are available in various variants as per building’s requirements. 

Here are the important Dos & Don’ts to be followed while operating a multiparking system:


  • Only park roadworthy and standard vehicles according to clearance & maximum surface load.
  • Keep persons, animals, and baggage away from the platform danger zone.
  • Before driving a vehicle into a parking platform- 
    • Have passengers and animals get off the vehicle
    • Remove roof racks and fixed antennas 
    • Push in rod antennas 
    • Fold in the external mirrors 
  • Only drive in forwards – front first and slowly into the parking space. 
  • Drive on to the platform until the front wheel touches the wheel stopper.
  • While parking, pull the parking brake firmly and select first gear. 
  • If your vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission, pull the automatic gear-shift lever in ‘P’.
  • If your vehicle has adjustable hydraulic suspension, fully lower the suspension while parking.
  • Switch off the engine.
  • Observe and check the exit area.
  • Drive slowly from the platform.


  • Never pass on the key to children or unauthorized persons.
  • Do not deposit any objects such as tyres or bicycles on the platform.
  • Do not drive over/across the wheel stop.
  • Do not misuse the automatic parking system as a vehicle hoist or for conveying people.
  • Do not move the platform if there are people, pets, or objects on or below it.
  • Never allow passengers or pets to get on or off the vehicle while on the platform.
  • Never load or unload your vehicle on the platform.
  • Do not repair/wash your vehicle on the platform.
  • While getting on and off the vehicle, do not reach beyond the outlines of your platform.
  • Do not carry out any work whatsoever on the system on your own.

Other General Instructions:

  • Ensure that the car parking bay and its surrounding area are clean.
  • The system should be operated only by a trained person.
  • Do not open the control panel or operate the system from the control panel directly.
  • Contact our customer representative in case of any concerns. 


If maintained precisely and timely, KLAUS multiparking systems can provide maximum uptime with minimal repairs. Klaus Workshop On Wheels will reach you in no time to solve the concern. Klaus WOW consists of a mobile service van equipped with spares, tools and an expert technician. Klaus WOW is available 24X7 to serve you! 
KLAUS Multiparking offers the best multiparking systems in India with robust and long-lasting product range designed accurately and efficiently. 

Multilevel parking systems – A Reliable Solution to Decongest Modern Cities

Parking spaces have been in existence since the invention of automobiles. For a very long time, only traditional car parking spaces were in use. With time, technology took over and Multilevel parking systems came into existence. In a highly-populated country like India, traditional parking spaces are mostly congested, time-consuming, and risky. Multilevel parking systems have emerged as a major solution on these problems.

Even though the Multilevel parking industry is currently gaining momentum in India, there are a lot of myths associated, particularly around the subjects of lifespan, reliability, safety and economy. Reliability of the multiparking systems remains a major obstruction for builders and architects to choose Multilevel parking systems over traditional parking.

What are multilevel parking systems and how do they work?

Multilevel parking systems can be either fully automatic or semi-automatic. The car needs to be driven to an entry point where the driver and passengers exit the car. It is then moved in an automatic or semi-automatic way to its assigned space. Multilevel parking systems maximize limited space.

Why are multilevel parking systems reliable?

Multilevel parking systems are made of metals that can withstand high pressure and tension. If a reliable power supply is provided, automatic parking systems work flawlessly. Even though they seem to require a significant capital outlay initially, they turn out to be more cost-effective in the long run.

Parking spaces, either outside or inside, sometimes can be a spot of damage for your vehicle. In India, due to less availability of parking spaces, vehicles are always parked in very close vicinity. Most of the public spaces have no dedicated parking, so cars are parked very haphazardly. This can be damaging to cars as parking closely can increase the chances of scratching or colliding.

Multilevel parking systems are the best parking solution when it comes to safety. Before installation, the available space is closely monitored and analyzed so as to ensure the complete safety of the vehicles. The system makes sure that no cars are parked too close or arbitrarily. 

Multilevel parking systems are safer than traditional garages in multiple ways. They transport vehicles and not people, and since there is no human access to the vehicle storage areas, the potential for accidental damages such as scratches or dents, or the potential for vehicle theft or wreckage is almost zero.

The most important aspect of reliability is regular maintenance so that the equipment’s structure, mechanical, and electrical systems are regularly examined. Multilevel parking systems are periodically serviced, which reduces the breakdowns and any other potential risks. 

At KLAUS Multiparking, we bring decades of experience and flawless German technology in our products to provide our customers with the best quality systems.  With offices around the country, we offer a full range of product choices. Our teams work closely with our customers to design parking layout that suits their requirements, partner to plan their project in detail, install the systems, and stand by our products by providing ongoing excellent servicing support. 

KLAUS Multiparking systems allow saving in space, construction cost, security of the cars, reduced air pollution, and need little maintenance. They are safe, user-friendly, and offer optimum security to your vehicle.

Our products are designed with sensors and controls to protect vehicles. Klaus Service team is available for service, training, and ongoing service. KLAUS Multiparking also offers a unique servicing on-site support called WOW, to ensure maximum uptime of the equipment.

Parking Issues in Indian Metropolises and Solutions that help

Did you know that a commuter in Indian cities spends around 80+ hours every year looking for parking spaces? 

The problem is – even as the number of vehicles is continuously increasing, parking space in Indian cities has remained constant or has reduced due to constant growth in the population. Today, issues such as traffic congestion, disproportionate demand and supply, environmental hazards, overcrowded footpaths, illegal parking, and criminal activities due to improper surveillance are not new to Indian cities.

Some of the most pressing parking problems facing Indian metropolises today are:

  • Saturated parking spaces
    One of the most common parking problems in the cities is the saturation of parking spaces. Vehicles continue to outnumber existing parking spaces. Most of the commercial and residential buildings do not have enough space for parking for the space owners, so they end up parking their vehicles on the road. Parks and vacant plots are used as potential parking spaces, thus decreasing the green spaces around the city.


  • Unregulated tariffs
    In India, there is no standardized tariff structure. Parking is either free or minimally priced, and the fees have been unregulated for a long time. But parking space is a scarce commodity today considering the populated cities and they should come with a price. A low parking price encourages more vehicles on the road, majorly contributing to air and noise pollution. This can be managed by charging the right price for it.


  • Parking in residential areas
    Residential apartments or commercial buildings in Indian cities often consider parking lots as a point of attraction for buyers. But all the parking spaces are not comfortably or spaciously built due to the scarcity of space. This can result in car damages while or during parking. Residents also often face spillover parking because of visitors and excessive vehicle ownership.


  • Environmental degradation
    Parking lots generally accumulate a lot of pollutants that do not get absorbed and get flushed into water bodies during the rains. They also contribute to the production of poisonous gases which adversely affect health. Unoccupied areas or parks are being used as parking spaces, which is taking a toll on the cities’ green areas.

The demand for parking in Indian metros is increasing day by day. Because of the limited land resources, it is very difficult to conveniently plan parking spaces according to demand. Instead of increasing available parking spaces, an effective and efficient technology-based solution must be used to optimize the use of available spaces. Smart parking solutions can provide both parking operators and drivers with a real-time map of available spaces, saving their time spent searching for a spot. It also reduces environmental degradation resulting from congestions caused by haphazard parking.

A multi-level parking system ensures maximum space utilization as multiple cars can be parked in the same amount of space. It also results in lower maintenance expenses and lesser operational and construction costs. This is an environment-friendly solution as it leaves more open spaces for landscaping and tree plantation. 

KLAUS Multiparking System steps in to solve the parking chaos at the right time. KLAUS products range from Stack parking, Semi-Automatic Parking to Fully Automatic Parking systems. KLAUS Multiparking aims to provide its customers with easy availability, a simplified and quick parking process as well as security.

Shifting to semi-automatic multi-parking systems ensures that no other vehicle is parked in the close vicinity of your vehicle. This ensures that no damage or scratching occurs to the parked vehicle. KLAUS Multiparking solutions give you complete peace of mind as you do not have to waste your time looking for a parking space and do not have to worry about any damages.

What are you waiting for? Park and Smile with Klaus.

Entering the challenging spaces

The social media today is abuzz with the likes of #10YearChallenge and many other oblivious hashtags. We are living in challenging spaces online and offline, and we need to stay relevant in both the worlds to serve the purpose of our existence. The space scenario which was pleasant a decade ago is not the same today. Drawing a mere comparison between the two timelines is not that simple. Earlier, parking was a simple phenomenon that happened just like our daily chores such as waking up, brushing our teeth, bathing and going to work. It was a mindless activity. Cut to, today’s time… You have more than two alarms set to wake you up on time so that you leave home early and find your parking spot (if you are a common man, that is).

When the real estate has mushroomed all over the metropolitan, cosmopolitan and even smaller cities, and towns, they have created parking spaces as a consolation, rather than creating them as a necessity. Parking, as a phenomenon, which used to be free, when became ‘pay & park’, people began to worry. The world had opened up to new challenges, and space was a huge constraint. That’s when KLAUS Multiparking stepped in.

It’s expertise in providing end-to-end parking solutions, is unparalleled and they have put it to test, time and again. If KLAUS Multiparking took the #10YearChallenge, one would notice the extraordinary transformation. From being just another Multiparking company in the lot, KLAUS Multiparking has earned its #SpaceThatMatters and it is all due to their relentless services and testimonies from renowned names in various industries. In a way, KLAUS Multiparking has paraphrased “Where there is a will, there is a way” to “where there’s space, there’s Klaus”. That’s why Klaus has embarked in every segment of the real estate industry where parking is of paramount importance.

Be it commercial buildings, government organisations or IT parks, Klaus has ensured that parking will never be a pain-point when they are around. Watching a movie with your family or friends without worrying about your vehicle getting towed is a privilege and Klaus allows you to have that peace of mind you deserve. Its presence at the major shopping malls and residential areas is more like a stress-buster one needs. The apartments today consider parking as a major requirement, and so do hospitals and restaurants.

Creating valuable spaces is something that is considered as a noble doing these days. With cluttered spaces causing an outburst on the fundamental right privacy, KLAUS Multiparking gives us that “Breathing space”. Every segment KLAUS Multiparking caters to has something relevant to offer back. For instance, if there’s more parking space available in a mall, it will automatically improve the chances of people driving in there. If their vehicle is parked safely, and if they are assured that no harm will come to their vehicle regardless of the time, it is a mutually beneficial deal. Similarly, if a person wishes to own an apartment, but the building is constructed without a basement parking, it’s a deal-breaker. On the flip-side, if the apartment is well-equipped with ample parking space, the units sell like hot buns. If the employee spends most of his/her time at the traffic, and arrives in the office premises, just to struggle even more to find a parking space, he/she is halfway down the “Frustration Mode”. If he/she continues to work with the same frame of mind, the performance is bound to deteriorate drastically. On the other hand, if everyone on the street gets ample parking space, they would reach their workplace on time and everything else would fall in place, just right. So, we can say that “Parking” is a privilege that every segment of the industry need to have as their top priority and those who do not have it, should take this as a challenge to create a #SpaceThatMatters.

Shifting spaces to semi-automatic

Technology is something that’s ever-evolving and challenges the current trend. People today are used to the edgy automatic tech for their daily chores. For example, earlier the cars used to have a manual window-opening mechanism, but today people have power windows on their priority list. Even household stuff like fans, ACs, TVs, lights, etc. have become automatic. This takes us to the ultimate question. Has automation made our lives easy or has it bombarded us with too much of technology that we are not able to handle? This question surely calls for some #SpaceThatMatters.

Technology for sure gets maximum space in every industry because of its sheer nature. When it comes to cars, the machine is embellished with loads of technology. So, why not use technology in providing parking solutions?

Parking spaces have now become an integral part of our life. As cities develop, the space decreases and that’s the part which is where KLAUS Multiparking System steps in to solve the parking chaos. From Dependent & Independent Stack parking, Semi-Automatic Parking & Automatic Parking systems, KLAUS Multiparking too is evolving with the changing times. Seeking a parking space while owning a home, or visiting a shopping mall or even dining at your favourite restaurant, finding a parking space is of paramount importance. The availability, ease of parking, and safety of parking are where technology offers its true value.

Security & Safety are few of the prime priorities in all walks of life and at work too. This is exactly a benefit of having semi-automated parking systems. Any person who parks their car at any place is always worried about the wellbeing of their vehicle and hopes that no damage is done while they are away. Klaus semi-automatic car parking system provides maximum safety & security as the car gets its own space till the time it is parked. So there is no chance of damage as any other car cannot be parked close & also no worries of a two-wheeler being parked in front or close by.

To change with technology is the best way to enhance lifestyle and save time, money and efforts. Switching to a semi-automatic parking system gives you the ultimate peace of mind and that extra time for your car to relax. It also gives you those extra minutes to complete your work or spend a bit more time with your lovely family and friends.

The best way to have peace of mind when it comes to parking your beloved car is to switch to the semi-automatic parking systems and always “Park & Smile”. So, the choice has to be Klaus Semi-automatic.

Redevelopment & Space That Matters

Have you ever visited the core areas of any city? We are sure you have and would have observed the vintage buildings with houses on the ground floor with cars and bikes parked on the roadside. In today’s world of high-rise buildings and townships, it is a new thing for many people, but it is the reality. Lack of proper parking space leads to chaos in the core areas as well as the developing areas of any city. Lack of space and need for more facilities are the main reasons that “Redevelopment” is the need of the hour. Along with these factors, the lifespan of construction is also considered for redevelopment. But does lack of parking space only affect the core area? No! It affects larger townships also. Let’s see how. It’s simple… More number of people = More number of cars and bikes which in turn creates a parking problem.

What about your beloved cars? Will they continue to be lying parked on the road or in the congested parking spaces? True redevelopment is where all the spaces are redeveloped & one such important #SpaceThatMatters is the parking space. Redevelopment and increasing parking spaces are few of the most important aspects today and who better than KLAUS Multiparking systems to understand it.

Solutions like Stack, Semi-Automatic, Fully-Automatic parking systems make KLAUS Multiparking an ideal redeveloper of parking space which is truly the #SpaceThatMatters for your beloved cars.

Be it a housing society, a township or any small residential building it does require considerable space due to the ever-changing lifestyle & the need of vehicles for our convenience. Cars & bikes are considered as status symbols and taking care of these prized possessions is necessary. So, just like a man needs a house, a car or a bike too, need a place to rest. Currently, in all the metro cities there has been a hike in the standard of living. On an average, every city dweller owns 2 cars which adds more to the ever-increasing traffic. According to RERA Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 every real estate developer has been compelled to deliver good quality services to their customers and KLAUS Multiparking makes it even more convenient while delivering them. Through the RERA Act, the Government has also, in a way, ensured the optimum utilization of the space available for parking a car in the future.

KLAUS Multiparking has been actively involved in many redevelopment projects since starting its operations in India. Klaus knows the importance and the value of optimization of small spaces. It has also been making the best utilization of small spaces. KLAUS understands the emotions we Indians have for our beloved cars and provides the best resting places for them. Klaus believes in the motto “Park & Smile”. Smile on each family’s face when it comes to parking spaces, is the ultimate goal for Klaus. So, redevelop not just your home but give your beloved cars the home they need with #SpaceThatMatters so that you always “Park & Smile”.

Global Situation – #Spacethatmatters

In today’s world where technology is improving day by day & ever increasing population, Space is what is decreasing. Be it the Space for Children to play, Space for Elderly people to have a walk, Space for those pesky couples looking for some privy time or a commuter trying to find the space to park his car in the chaotic metro ; Space crunch is a major issues not just in India but globally too. In today’s world optimization of available horizontal spaces and vertical spaces has become extremely important. Shrinking roads, growing traffic are the issues that are becoming a global issue and taking your car out for a spin has become more and more difficult now.

In the daily commute all people want is less congestion and parking space for their vehicle. The current situation is such that there has been immense growth in population and hence a mushrooming growth in the real estate sector which in turn is increasing the sale of automobiles in the world. If we look at the number of cars sold from 1990 to 2018 ,its a figure that will shock many. In 1990 the number of vehicles sold was 39 million and the number is expected to surpass 81.5 million by the end of 2018, this clearly shows the upward trend of increasing number of cars in the world and also brings out the need for #spacethatmatters for Parking. (

If we take a look at the global population, the world population in 2010 was around 6.5 billion and in 2018 it is around 7.9 billion so it has grown immensely in the last 8 years and will keep on doing so.

Even if we talk about India, according to NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant, a car will be sold every second by 2030 in India ( from this we can gauge how much congestion and space issue is about to happen in India alone. This does give us a picture of the global increase in number of vehicles by 2030.

Traffic congestion due to lack of parking space has become a big issue globally and the global situation demands best solutions & the best solution is definitely to optimize the usage of available space which is truly the #spacethatmatters. KLAUS Multiparking systems have the exact aim to address the issue of Parking space. Globally Klaus has proved that multi-parking systems are the best solution for the Parking space problem and a solution to decrease congestion. With an ethos that resonates with the philosophy of “Space That Matters”. Looking at the previous analytics Klaus has understood the future of space that actually matters when it comes to delivering convenience. Exploring horizontal space in a prime location in a metro city is near to impossible. However, finding a limited space in a metro city for a vertical infrastructure seems to be a possibility. And with the same view KLAUS Multiparking has been establishing multi-parking vertical infrastructures for your beloved car ever since. KLAUS Multiparking has timely delivered over 600 parking solutions to residential and commercial spaces. KLAUS Multiparking caters to all specifications and across the globe. KLAUS Multiparking knows how to best optimize the space be it an underground space, On-ground space or space above. The variety of products like Stack, Semi-Automatic, Fully-Automatic Parking systems, etc. offered to cater to various kinds of demands across the globe successfully. KLAUS Multiparking provides the essential #spacethatmatters for your cars.

With the global situation worsening, KLAUS has thoroughly studied the global situation and has come up with various solutions in the Multiparking field and has been a pioneer in Technology, Transparency, Innovation, Trust. KLAUS Multiparking has an aim to provide the #spacethatmatters and help in improving the global situation when it comes to the Parking #spacethatmatters. The obsession with technology and a desperate need for parking space has dexterously been handled by KLAUS Multiparking. Hence at KLAUS we understand the real sense of the space that actually matters, not only for you but for your family and loved ones!

Shrinking Metros – Towers That Matter – Mumbai And Beyond

Isn’t it frustrating when a car magically turns up just besides your parking spot on which you had your eyes on for the past hour? Apart from the ever increasing population and the flooding traffic, driving through these cities is one task.In addition, among the hustle and bustle,finding the best spot to keep your car safe and secure on these wild roads is like a “God’s Blessing”. Over the past few years the population has been rising rapidly whereas on the other hand the space available to even set your foot on the ground has shrunken drastically and that is what scares every car owner among us. Driving your brand new car on these roads while avoiding some close encounters is like one of the worst nightmares.

Consider these statistics for a minute, there are more than 15 lakh vehicles running on the busy roads across all Metro cities in India. In accordance with the number of vehicles running, there is only a percent free space available with the rest donated to pay-and-park facility buildings.For Bombay the vehicular density is 591 vehicles per square kilometre, compared to 163 in New Delhi. Not surprisingly, this leads to crises and conflict on a daily basis.

KLAUS Multiparking is one of those saviours who dedicate a whole building just for your car, for us it’s not a building it’s a prime secure location for your car, a place where your car will rest spaciously without any difficulty. From a range of parking solutions, we offer a complete package of security for your car at each and every location whenever you need us. Our parking facilities are well tested before installation as precision and advance technology are one of our many traits. With precise and innovative German technology we strive to provide you with a convenient parking space in order to cater to your basic need, space. Forget the parking spaces, forget the latest technology; at KLAUS, there is a single motive – it’s your “SPACE”. A space to breathe, a space to move and that’s where the real essence lies – “Space that Matters”

Odd Even – Parking Woes

It’s odd that it even matters! What does a calendar have to do with parking space? How is the almanac going to help us find a parking space? Do we have to wait for an auspicious time to find a parking spot while the movie show-time ticks like a bomb? You can wait if you feel that “Odd-Even” parking system is written in blood on papyrus and it is “The Will of God”.There are times when finding a parking space becomes a Herculean task even if you are living in a mere Tier-II city. Sometimes you get a feeling that automobile companies should start teaching car owners some lessons in parking etiquettes and those who cleared that test with distinction, should be eligible to own a car. But, all these thoughts remain as dreams unless we start acting upon them. Without beating around the bush, let’s get straight into the facts that have created the ripple effects of parking woes.

The number of registered motor vehicles per 1000 population was 53 in 2001. The figure exponentially amplified to 167 in 2015. If we look at every major metamorphosis the country faced, there are a few things that might have caused this sharp paradigm shift. According to a recent study by the International Energy Agency (IEA), passenger-car ownership in India is projected to grow by 775 percent over the next 24 years. IEA’s World Energy Outlook (WEO) report says that, in the new policies scenario, passenger-car ownership grows from less than 20 vehicles per 1,000 people today to 175 cars per 1,000 people in 2040, and the overall road passenger vehicle activity is believed to increase more than six times.

There’s an inverse relationship between the ever-increasing vehicles on the road and the amount of free space left. To bless you with your share of space we come into the picture. KLAUS Multiparking caters to that particular need of yours. We design #SpaceThatMatters and install semi-automated and automated car parking systems across 80 countries, and we’ve been doing it effectively for the past five decades.

KLAUS Multiparking is an answer to all those who are sceptical about space constraints in a densely crowded city. Parking systems are aplenty. You would find a local fabricator claiming to be a world-class parking specialist in the city. But, Hey! We’re German! The technology is capable enough to not just carefully handle your vehicles, but your concerns about safety as well. There are stack parking systems, semi-automatic parking systems, and fully automatic parking systems. But, why do you have to know about all that? All you care is about parking space, right? It doesn’t matter if it has a multi-level car parking system or an automated parking garage. Well, we hate to break it to you… But, it’s not for you – it’s for your beloved car! It might be your first-salary car, your wedding-gift car, your promotion car, your new-member-in-the-family car. There are sentiments attached to it, along with other petty maintenance and service costs. But, do you really care about all that? Of course! So, what do you get when you put together “a parking space that you need” and “sentiments that matter”? Yes! You got it right – #SpaceThatMatters.